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Synthesis of Oligonucleotides

Synthesis of Oligonucleotides

High purity and stability

DNA, RNA and LNA oligonucleotides are available in a range of synthesis scales, purification options (with or without HPLC or double HPLC purification), and modifications (5‘ or 3‘ modification). Many different applications demand different scale or purity to work well when it comes to custom DNA oligo synthesis.

Standard custom DNA oligonucleotides are synthesized on a highly automated, computer-controlled system and subject to rigorous quality control procedures.

Ordering system represents the most economical and fastest way to order oligos on the 0.04 μmol, 0.2 μmol and 1.0 μmol scales with purification options to suit your requirements.

LNA oligonucleotides are marked in the sequence with + (e.g. +A, +C, +G, +T) and they are available in all standard scales (40 nmol, 200 nmol and 1 μmol). LNA is fully compatible with our wide range of modifications. More details about LNA.

Unmodified DNA/RNA
LNA Modification
3’ or 5’ Modification
Dual Labelled

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ELISABETH PHARMACON's vision is to become a leading provider of oligonucleotide synthesis on the European market.


Using our oligonucleotides you can easily explore the invisible world. “We help our customers to discover world.”


We focus on the high purity and stability of the oligonucleotides which you would appreciate and expect in your own lab.


ELISABETH PHARMACON produces according to the wishes and ideas of our customers.

Process to order of the oligonucleotides

  • 1
    Select type of oligos, scale and purification
  • 2
    Insert the sequence of DNA/RNA
  • 3
    Create and send the order
  • 4
    We send you synthetized oligos to you